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Monday, April 9, 2012

Yogurt: Regular versus Greek Yogurt

With the population suffering more osteoporosis the question has come to my attention.  If people are drinking less milk and taking more yogurt, what has happened to our yogurt?  It seems yogurt is now made with very little milk, it has whey and calcium added.  My package of Source yogurt in the fridge has only 3 gms of carb in 100 gms of yogurt.  This means in an effort to get rid of carbs we have lost some of the goodness of milk.  I believe 100 gms of 1% milk should have 5 gms of carbs, 119 gms Calcium, 3.37 gms of protein and 40 IU of Vitamin D. The Calcium in this small serving is only 10% of our daily requirement.
In comparison a good 125 gms serving of Greek Yogurt may have 35% of your daily Calcium requirement and 12-14 gms of protein per day.  Its no wonder smart consumers are moving to Greek Yogurt to get the best food value.