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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Years Resolutions 2013 - Bears Food for Thought Centre for Science in the Public Interest 


The film is available at
The Real Bears
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Executive Creative Director: Alex Bogusky
Executive Producers: Marty & Adam Butler
Writers: Ronny Northrop & Ryan Kutscher
Art Director: Stefanie Hermsdorf
Account Director: Mark Ekhardt
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Director/Designer/Animator: Lucas Zanotto
Music: Jason Mraz
Guitar and mix: Bill Bell
Horn parts: Grooveline Horns
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Sound Design: Nikolai von Sallwitz
Mix: Travis Wurges
Web Design: Cyrus Clemensen


Christmas is Past Best Holiday Tip #4

Enjoy your leftover food.
Turkey sandwiches.
Turkey soup.
Keep in mind to avoid double starch servings again.  Have turkey and stuffing or turkey and potato and cook fresh veggies to go with it.
Spread the candy and chocolate out over many days.
Get outside and be active.
For every day that we don't go to work we need an hour of exercise per day.

Christmas is Here Best Holiday Tip #3

Make your xmas meals good food and good cheer.
  1. Appetizers - veggies and dip.
  2. Turkey............MMMMM
  3. Avoid tipple a quadruple starch: stuffing, mashed potatoes, breads.
  4. Add extra veg to stuffing.
  5. Enjoy a root vegetable.
  6. Enjoy a green gettable.
  7. Don't eat food you don't like just because its there.
  8. Happy Holidays


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas is Coming Best Holiday Tip #2

Holiday Travel is on everyone's minds this week.  Trains, planes, automobiles, boats and ferries are the usual modes of transport in Canada.  Food is not always supplied anymore on trips.  The family of the sage Mike Dowling in North Vancouver do not leave home without some of the most delicious sandwiches I have ever seen in tow.  This has been their practice for at least 40 years.  I always wonder why they don't just stop for a fast food meal.  I can only think of how much money they have saved and how much less salt they have taken in for their family of 6. I recently saw a family of 4 having their sandwiches sitting in a Service Centre on Highway 401.  Its okay to eat your lunch at a Service Centre.  It was good to see they were taking a break from driving.

One of my clients is heading off to Halifax by car this Friday to pick up his wife and children and bring them back to Ontario for the Holidays.  He said "I get in the car and don't stop until I need gas (about 600km). I  take a source of caffeine and eat nuts or sunflower seeds all the way to stay awake". Depending on how much he takes with him, we identified the risk of weight gain on his trip.  He will be spending about 6 days driving of his vacation.  One cup of nuts or seeds is 800-1000 kcal.................... We discussed criteria he had for car snacks:
  • He said he needed something he could eat continuously
  • I suggested something that included food groups also since he might not have food at all
  • Not messy
  • Would be OK for the kids
Ideas: Laughing Cow Baby Bel Light Cheese (Put 3 in the front seat whenever he stops with 3 apples and 3 packages of Melba Toast
Ideas: Popcorn
Ideas: drink more fluids so he has to stop more often